Olivia Debenham

Olivia Debenham receiving her 1st Duan Certificate at the Senior Belt lesson on 5th February 2017

On 4th December 2016 at Grays HQ a number of committed students received their first Duan black belt, namely Jasraj Gulshan (Grays), Luke Forrester (Reading), Olivia Debenham (Grays), Alex Say (Grays) and Elena Leonova (Grays) for achieving their first Duan black belt.

Congratulations also go to Robert Brown (Loughton), Callum Honor (Reading), Bizhan Pourkomailian (Loughton), Francesca Carbonaro (Loughton) and Nik Fowden (Grays) for achieving their first Duan Senior black belt and to Alex Bunney (Rochford) for achieving his second Duan.

Olivia Receiving her Duan Certificate from GM Loke

An unusually young recipient was Olivia Debenham, aged 10 years old who has been training very regularly in Grays HQ since the age of 4. Olivia is a very focussed young lady who trains hard, and is always willing and enthusiastic to assist the instructor with younger and more junior members.

 ‘Congratulations Olivia on your promotion to 1st Duan. You have trained very hard for the last four years to be among the very few 10 year olds to receive a duan promotion. You have been an asset to our school in displaying your best effort and discipline in class and in public. An excellent role model! A proud day for your family and mum, Master Stephanie Debenham 5th Wu Duan who started at Hq in 1990.’ Grandmaster Loke