Over the last two years, I have          introduced eleven new forms: three  Basic Chee Pen forms, five  Intermediate Yi Chuan forms, two  Advanced Luohan forms and one  Advanced Kicking Yi Chean Form.

The techniques within the forms reflect the technical objectives of our Ren Yi Wu Kwan. The combinations within the Thaus are set out to clearly demonstrate actual practicality in different scenarios of self defence. These are in line with the Duan Syllabus, such as: concurrent blocks and counters to consecutive actions, concepts of closed and open sides, economy with natural flow of movement, advanced footwork in combination with centre line, timing and distance, and developing short range power as well as long range hip generated power.

 Forms Thau workshops were held at  Grays HQ in Essex, Reading in  Berkshire, Haywards Heath in West  Sussex and Huntington in  Cambridgeshire. I want to thank  Masters Adam Goward, Siew Loke,  Nazim Gokcezade and Steve Treadaway for organizing the workshops and assisting to pass on our new Thaus to our students. I also wish to commend the instructors and students for their continued enthusiasm and dedication to our Art.

Our new Thaus will also inject stronger martial art spirit and enthusiasm in our forthcoming National Championships on 4th November this year. I look forward to seeing all of you, your families and your friends.

Our school’s philosophy firmly rests on our Seven Principles and that our art is principally meant for self defence. Good training and best wishes to you.

Tang Sou!

GM Loke