The new Luo Han Er Duan was introduced for First Duan and above at the Forms Workshop on 26th February. It was a three hour workshop attended by over forty members, from young Regan Clarke (Master Tony Clarke’s daughter) right up to senior masters who have been training for 30 years. The workshop was open to blue belts and red belts who wanted to revise their forms. The workshop was very well attended, led by senior masters including Master Cook (Region 4), Master Goward (Region 2), Master Gokcezade (Reading), Master Underwood (HQ) and Master Debenham (HQ). Master Goward and Emma Blackmore tutored the blue belts and red belts in the recent Yi Chuan forms and the kicking forms.  

The Duan Grades and above were drilled in the new form by Grandmaster Loke and Master Loke. The new LuoHan Er Duan involves complex concurrent hand combinations and subtle evasion techniques. It is a challenging form, and was enthusiastically practised by all who attended. Well done everyone- it was a long afternoon!