A two hour Thau/Forms Workshop was held at Highdown Sportscentre in Reading for senior students, conducted by Grandmaster Loke. The Reading club was established by Master Nazim Gokcezade 6th Duan and his son Korel Gokcezade 5th Duan twenty three years ago and is still going strong. The class was well attended, and included Master Mark Clifton and Master David Follant, both of whom attend and assist three times weekly. Master Nazim’s grandson Kaya, aged 9, has also been training for some time, is an enthusiastic supporter and helps his grandfather. Grandmaster Loke was assisted by Vicky King 1st Duan (Rochford), Kane McEwan 2nd Duan (Grays) and Master Sam Peniston. The class was well attended and all students trained with good spirit and dedication. Well done all! Tang Sou!!