Forms (‘Thau”) are an important part of our Tang Sou Dao training. All of our forms are unique to our style. They demonstrate the practical application of the art, and enable students to practice their combinations with accuracy, power and precision.

The forms become more complex as students progress further in Tang Sou Dao. Each form incorporates an additional kick which will be tested to achieve the next grade. Tang Sou Dao forms are unique to our style, and have all been created by the Founder Grandmaster Loke.

They comprise of Basic ‘Chee Pen’ forms, Intermediate ‘Yi Chuan’ forms, Advanced ‘Luo Han’ forms and 3 Advanced Kicking Forms. More videos are available on our Facebook page at Tang Sou Dao Ren Yi Wu Kwan, and on our Instagram page at tang.sou.dao

i) 3 Basic “Chee Pen” Forms
* White Belt 10th Ji – Basic Form 1
          Kane McEwan and Kai Patel perform Chee Pen Ee Thau Basic Form 1
* White Belt Yellow Stripe 9th Ji- Basic Form 2
          Olivia Debenham performs Chee Pen Er Thau Basic Form 2
* Yellow Belt 8th Ji- Basic Form 3

ii) 5 Intermediate “Yi Chuan” Forms
* Yellow Belt Orange Stripe 7th Ji: Yi Chuan 1
* Orange Belt 6th Ji: Yi Chuan 2
* Orange Belt Green Stripe 5th Ji: Yi Chuan 3
* Green Belt 4th Ji: Yi Chuan 4
          Yi Chuan Ser Duan
* Green Belt Blue Stripe 3rd Ji: Yi Chuan 5

Below Alvin Lee performs Yi Chuan Ee Duan, Alexander Bartnovski performs Yi Chuan Er Duan and Russell Jones performs Yi Chuan Wu Duan:


iii) 3 Kicking Technique Forms
* Blue Belt 2nd Ji: Advanced Kicking Form 1
* Red Belt 1st Ji: Advanced Kicking Form 2
* Black Belt 1st Duan: Advanced Kicking Form 3

iv) 6 Advanced “Luo Han” Forms
* Red Belt 1st Ji: Luo Han 1
* Black Belt 1st Duan: Luo Han 2
* Black Belt 1st Duan Senior: Luo Han 3
* Black Belt 2nd Duan: Luo Han 4 and 5
* Black Belt 3rd Duan: Luo Han 6

Below Master Siew Loke, Master Kris Knight, Master Will Grove and Kane McEwan perform Luo Han Ee Duan:

In the video below, Masters Tina Matania, Stephanie Debenham and Siew Ying Loke demonstrate Luo Han Wu Duan and the practical application: