Congratulations to:

Sina Pourkomailian (Loughton) and Luke Forrester (Reading) for achieving their 2nd Duan;
Barry Francis (Eastwood), Manu Singh (Grays), Daniel Manning (Reading), Raul Negro-Fernandez (Reading) and David May (Reading) for achieving their 1st Duan Senior;
Victoria King (Rochford), Alfie Gutsell (Reading), Monty Fontaine (Reading), Daniel Woodburn (Rainham), Krishnan Arya (Loughton), Inga Smilgailtis (Canary Wharf), Kai Patel (Grays), Henry Windibank-Garcia (Reading), Timothy Rayns (Reading, James Field (Reading), Jude Lynden (Reading), and Lisa Beeson (Hornchurch) for achieving their First Duan.

It was an excellent day, and everyone performed impressively. Well deserved by all.
Tang Sou!!!