Many Duan grades including several shi fu/ master grades attended our Duan Grading to assist their students/juniors. Candidates came from several wu kwans ie Grays Hq. ,Rochford ,Rainham and Reading. I want to thank everyone for their support during the long day commencing at 9.00 am with a two-hour non stop Senior class, followed by Written Test, then the Practical Test as laid down in my 2018 Duan Syllabus. Candidates themselves are to be commended for their commitment in attending regular weekly classes. This requires perseverance, and above all an all round support from Parents. Promotion to 1st Duan and above marks an important milestone, when a general understanding of our art progresses to development of advance skill and effective applications of techniques taught. You are also reminded of your duty as role models to assist yourInstructor in the smooth running of the class. Our Seven Principles will serve as a good guide along our Wu Dao/ Martial Art Way. Tang Sou! Meng Kwong Loke