Grandmaster Loke handing Master Goward his 7th Duan certificate

The Masters Class and grading was held on 13th November. Eleven masters graded, including Chris Whalley who took his 4th Duan. Congratulations also go to Master Steve Treadaway, Master Gino Melanie, Master Tony Sellen, Master Tony Clarke, Master Colin Underwood, Master David Hopkins, Master Jason Woodhams, Master Tina Matania and Master Adrian Belcher.  

Significantly, Grandmaster Loke also awarded Master Adam Goward his 7th Duan, the most senior student in the Federation. Master Adam Goward was trained by Grandmaster Loke, and those who remember him training will recall his exceptionally sharp technique, and the gold medals that he collected every year at the Championships. He has been Head Instructor of Region Two for many years, and is well respected by his students, many of whom have trained with him for many years as Duan grades and Masters.