Grays HQ is closed after Friday 20 March. 
At present all classes are suspended until further notice.

It’s time for all to isolate to contain this virus. This is my first break for fifty years since I left Penang for Teluk Intan 165 miles from home, to teach full time then to Essex in Oct 1973. Time really flies. It has been wonderful with such dedication and friendship from all of you. We start again soon we all hope, with stronger determination. In the meantime do look after all your family especially the elderly. Our health workers on the front line are doing such a difficult and admirable job. Our thoughts are with them always. Ping an / safety and harmony to everyone.

It is important to keep up your fitness. Please stretch regularly. Regular practice will also assist in your general good health in this uncertain period. To that end, we are running online classes from my house- two mixed classes, Saturdays 12noon and Wednesdays 7pm. They are open to all clubs and all belts. These will run to about 50 -60 mins. We are also running a children’s class Under 10 Below Orange Belt class Saturdays 11am which will run to about 30-40 mins. The aim is to keep up our basics and co-ordination, and also go through some practical applications. 

You will need ensure you have a safe space to follow the class, at least one step forwards, backwards and sideways. You will then need to do the following:

a) Email me at at least 24 hours before the class to confirm registration, with your name, club, age and belt.
b) Download the Zoom cloud meetings app. On your laptop is best, although a phone will work as well. If you are planning on training from your living room, then you can hook up your laptop or phone to your Smart TV which will make it easier for you to follow the class.
c) You will be sent a code and ID to join the class and payment details. If you can join the class 5 minutes before it starts that would be best to ensure your settings are correct.
d) Once you have joined the class, activate your camera, but audio mute yourself. This will minimise background noise. You will see the icons on the screen to do this. The best way to view the class is by Screenshot (rather than Gallery). This will ensure GM Loke is your main viewing screen. There is an icon on the top right corner to adjust your view.
e) Be in full uniform if you can. Also warm up before the class. After the bow we will be going to go straight into the basics.


Classes will be £6.00 per lesson and will last around 45-50 minutes. £1.00 from every class will go to charity, a local Food Bank, which have been particularly hit during this period. The remainder will go towards running costs of HQ and to our dedicated full-time instructors who have lost all or most of their income over this period. 

We hope this will be an opportunity for all to learn with me and keep up their training. 

Good health and stay safe!

GM Loke