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Bill Edwards Memorial Award Most Outstanding Under 16 Student- Manu Singh

I was very proud to select Manu Singh 1st Duan Black Belt 14 years of age from Grays, Essex as the winner of the 2017 Most Outstanding Under 16 Award of the Year at our recent Championships on November 4th […]

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Duan Grading Results 2nd July 2017

Congratulations to the following: 1st Ji to 1st Duan 1. Frank Wright Chelmsford 1100 65% 2. Luc Charles Davies Haywards Heath 1101 69% 3. Andrew Ming-on Tsoi Tunbridge Wells 1102 79% 1st Senior to 2nd Duan 1. Subahu Shah Loughton […]

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Thoughts on Competition- Sasha Bradshaw 3rd Duan

With the 4 November 2017 Championships approaching, Sasha Bradshaw 3rd Duan shares her thoughts… Entering into competition is an excellent experience as it builds your confidence. Students will always feel a sense of personal achievement after having competed. For young […]

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Message from Grandmaster- Forms Workshops

 Over the last two years, I have          introduced eleven new forms: three  Basic Chee Pen forms, five  Intermediate Yi Chuan forms, two  Advanced Luohan forms and one  Advanced Kicking Yi Chean Form. The techniques within the […]

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  • Kane and Manu 2017
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Duan Grading Results 5th March 2017

  Congratulations go to the following new Duan grades: Andrew Edney (Cambridgeshire) Kieran Edney (Cambridgeshire) Michael Basford (Cambridgeshire) Rachel Bollag (Hendon) Cruz Broekuijsen (Reading) Abbie Rayns (Reading) Ollie Martin-Wall (Grays) Manu Singh (Grays) Congratulations go to those who graded from […]

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Introduction of the New Black Belt Form

The new Luo Han Er Duan was introduced for First Duan and above at the Forms Workshop on 26th February. It was a three hour workshop attended by over forty members, from young Regan Clarke (Master Tony Clarke’s daughter) right […]

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  • Blue Belt Kai

6 year old Kai who trains at Grays HQ

6 year old Kai received his 2nd Ji / grade Blue belt promotion on 14 Feb at our HQ in Grays Essex. Kai trains hard and consistently, three times weekly for the last two years, an excellent role model to his […]

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  • Olivia Debenham
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New Duan Grades

  On 4th December 2016 at Grays HQ a number of committed students received their first Duan black belt, namely Jasraj Gulshan (Grays), Luke Forrester (Reading), Olivia Debenham (Grays), Alex Say (Grays) and Elena Leonova (Grays) for achieving their first Duan […]

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Masters Grading November 2016

The Masters Class and grading was held on 13th November. Eleven masters graded, including Chris Whalley who took his 4th Duan. Congratulations also go to Master Steve Treadaway, Master Gino Melanie, Master Tony Sellen, Master Tony Clarke, Master Colin Underwood, Master […]

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