Championship Day
16 November 2019

This year’s Championships will be held on 16th November 2019 at Clements Hall Sportscentre, Hawkwell, SS5 4LN. It will be open to all members 9th Ji (Yellow Tag) and above. There will be a Thau (Forms) event and a Tooi Ta (Sparring) event. This is a great way to practise with each other, to test your own technique and confidence, and to meet others who are at the same level in different clubs. Speak to your instructor for any further information. The enrolment forms and schedule will be released in due course.

Founder’s Foreword on Championships 4th November 2017

I am very proud to announce the success of the 24th National Championships 2017 which was held at Clements Hall in Rochford, Essex. The management and smooth running of the day was handled well and with overall fairness and sincerity. No doubt we must bear in mind our quest to improve, and I invite more of you to come forward each year as Referees and Judges.

Master Chris Whalley and local volunteers are to be commended for the setting up of the hall before the Championships and the organising throughout the day.

The new Thaus/forms which were recently introduced have shown much improvements in all our Wu Kwans in the last 18 months. The Thaus are now very much ‘our own’ and in our own unique style, with emphasis on technical excellence combined with clear practical interpretations.

14 year old Manu Singh from Grays, Essex is the winner of the 2017 Bill Edwards Award for the Most Outstanding Under 16 Student of the Year.¬†Manu has proved to be an excellent role model to the younger students. Manu assists in teaching classes for the Under 11’s in Grays on a regular weekly basis.

Manu’s family have given him strong encouragement and he has developed into a well mannered and kind young man. Well Done!

You have all made great efforts to come together for the whole day, from near and far as a martial arts family, including a new Wu Kwan from Canary Wharf, London. Overall the technical standards and self control were excellent. I congratulate your instructors for inculcating these attributes in line with the principles of the Ren Yi Wu Kwan. You are invited to contribute to the website for any articles or photos. Click Here to see the traditional Group Photo.
Tang Sou!!
Grandmaster Loke