Championship date set for 4th November 2017

This year the 2017 Championships will be held at Clements Hall Leisure Centre, Rochford SS5 4LN on 4th November 2017 from 8.30am to 5pm. There will be opportunity to compete in the Thau Forms event and the Tooi Ta sparring event. All members from yellow tag up are encouraged to participate.

Competition will test your skills in a controlled environment, and will increase your personal confidence. There will be demonstrations from senior belts and the chance to watch senior belts compete and see what you yourself will be able to achieve. Importantly the day will give you a chance to meet others your age and your belt from different areas and compare experiences. As usual it promises to be a great day, and this is always down to your enthusiastic participation and sportsmanship.

Senior belts are encouraged to assist by officiating, judging and refereeing. Attendance at the HQ Training on Sunday 9th July and Sunday 8th October 2.30pm is essential for judges and referees to brush up your skills. Good officials are important to the success of the day. We hope to see you all there! Tang Sou!!